Hash Auger Privacy Policy

The Hash Auger website does not collect personal information about visitors nor does it use cookies.

Hash Auger is designed with the belief that users should have complete control over their data. No registration process is required to use the software and no information is ever collected for marketing purposes. All information entered into the Hash Auger software is stored only on the user's computer and is never accessible by the developers of this application. In the event that a user knowingly sends any informaton to the developers (to assist in technical support, for example), the information will be retained for only as long as necessary to resolve the issue. Additionally, the Hash Auger software does not collect or transmit any personally identifiable usage information to the developers. Any information sharing with third parties (mining pools, block explorers, etc) is done only when necessary for the intended purpose of this software with the full knowledge and consent of the user as described in the license agreement.