Unlike other programs that offer free editions with limited capabilities, all of Hash Auger's features are included in a single edition that is availiable without any initial costs.

Instead of charging a purchase price, Hash Auger collects a small, daily developer contribution to defer the costs of developing and supporting the software. This developer contribution is just 5 minutes per day - less than half a percent of a day's mining time. The start of the developer contribution is clearly shownn in the software and its logs and is selected randomly once per day. The developer contribution for Hash Auger is in addition to any fees collected by third-party mining software and mining pools.

The current version is 2.9.8: reduced dev contribution to 5 minutes plus miner updates.

All recent changes are listed in the Version History wiki article.

System Requirements

By downloading this software you agree to the daily collection of the developer contribution and that you will install this software only on computers you own or have been given explicit permission to do so by their owners.

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