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Cryptomining Software For Nvida GPUs

Why multi-algorithm, multi-pool cryptomining?

With all the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, coin values change considerably throughout the day. Miners who mine one or just a few coins can miss out on the opportunities created by coins that suddenly increase in value. Likewise, miners focused on specific coins run the risk of signficant profit decreases if the coin quickly drops in value or if their pool has uptime, exchange or coin fork issues. Similarly, the coin prices that mining pools pay depend on many factors and also change frequently; it is common for pools to pay significantly different prices for the same hash rate and algorithm. Therefore, it pays to shop around and find the best buyer for your cryptomining output. Automatic pool switching also helps prevent downtime should a single mining pool go offline.

Why Hash Auger?

Automatic coin switching often requires a lot of trial and error and tedious config file editing. Even experienced miners can miss opportunities if they haven't updated their config files when mining pools add new algorithms and coins. Automatic pool switching adds another layer of complexity that most simple config scripts do not event attempt to calculate. Hash Auger monitors coin prices across several mining pools, identifies the most profitable coin for each device and manages miners automatically.

Hash Auger also helps maximize your mining uptime by immediately restarting crashed miners and monitoring for miners that become unresponsive. If a miner repeatedly fails with a specific algorithm, Hash Auger will temporarily stop mining with that algorithm and move on to the next most profitable one. Hash Auger can also auto-start mining after system reboots. Unlike most other cryptoming managers, Hash Auger creates a separate miner process for each device, helping to prevent a failure in one miner from affecting other devices.

Featuring a streamlined interface, Hash Auger allows users to monitor their devices, pool balances and current pool prices. On systems used for more than just cryptomining, users can adjust device intensities to reduce miner utilization on their primary graphics card. Users can also stop mining and disable individiual devices. Pools can be enabled/disabled and wallets changed in just a few clicks.

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Curious to see how Hash Auger works? Try it now with no upfront costs. As with most cryptomining software, there is a small, daily developer contribution that runs automatically for 15 minutes per day.

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Hash Auger currently only supports NVIDIA graphics cards and is designed for Windows 10.

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