Hash Auger

Crypto Mining Management Software For Nvida GPUs

Why Hash Auger?
  • Use the latest mining programs for faster hash rates and increased power efficiency.
  • Create algorithm specific overclock and miner settings for each GPU.
  • Mine on NiceHash, pools that autoexchange to BTC and specific coins or a combination of all three.
  • Switch work based on either estimated profit or revenue.
  • Interact remotely using a mobile-friendly web dashboard or via the API.
  • Tune configuration and pool settings to create a personalized mining strategy.
  • Track earnings across multiple pools and wallets using charts or export the data into your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Access every feature in a single edition of the software without upfront costs.

There is not any upfront cost or commitment to try Hash Auger on your mining rigs. Use the software for as long as you like in exchange for a small developer contribution of 15 minutes per day (about 1% of a day's mining time).

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Hash Auger currently supports only NVIDIA graphics cards and is designed for Windows 10.